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Fall Decorating Headquarters: A Celebration of Autumn’s Delights at Salt Box Nursery

As the summer heat gives way to the brisk embrace of autumn, the world around us undergoes a remarkable transformation. Trees adorned in hues of gold and crimson, the earth carpeted with fallen leaves – it’s a time of change and beauty. Capturing this essence and bringing it into our living spaces is a cherished […]

Lawn Revitalization: Lime and Seed with Expert Guidance from Salt Box Nursery

As the seasons unfold with their vibrant hues, homeowners in Massachusetts have a golden opportunity to rejuvenate their lawns. Enter Salt Box Nursery, your trusted partner in cultivating a thriving lawn. This comprehensive guide delves into the essential practices of liming and seeding, tailored to elevate your outdoor space. With the added benefit of professional […]

It’s Time To Plant Spring Flowering Bulbs!

Creating a 100-day burst of color with spring flowering bulbs in Massachusetts, thanks to Salt Box Nursery, is not only possible but also a spectacular way to celebrate the changing seasons. This article will guide you through selecting the right bulb types, provide planting tips specific to Massachusetts’ climate, and offer creative color combination ideas. […]

Sprouting Imagination: Cultivating Young Gardeners this August

In this digital age, drawing children back to the embrace of the natural world is a refreshing diversion and a journey back to life’s organic wonders. Gardening stands out, serving as a delightful mix of experiential learning, creative engagement, and a deep dive into nature’s abundant treasures. With August casting its golden rays, it’s an […]

Preparing Your Massachusetts Garden for Fall: Expert Tips from Salt Box Nursery

As the warmth of summer gracefully transitions to the vibrant hues of fall, gardeners across Massachusetts eagerly embark on the journey of preparing their outdoor sanctuaries for the changing season. To ensure a smooth transition, a comprehensive plan that includes garden cleanup, planting, soil enrichment, and frost protection is crucial. At Salt Box Nursery, we […]

Transitioning Tropics: Bringing Your Plants Indoors with Salt Box Nursery

Hello to our cherished Salt Box Nursery community! As summer’s warm embrace gives way to the crisp whispers of autumn, it’s that special time to consider guiding our precious outdoor plants into the sheltered comfort of our homes. If this prospect has you scratching your head or feeling a tad daunted, fret not. With insights […]

Beat the Heat: Shade Solutions for Your Summer Garden from Salt Box Nursery

When the summer sun blazes overhead, finding shade in your garden becomes a top priority. Thankfully, Salt Box Nursery has the perfect shade solutions to help you create a cool and inviting oasis right in your own New England backyard. From vibrant annuals to exotic tropicals and enduring perennials, we offer a wide range of […]

The Joy of July: Essential Gardening Tasks for Mid-Summer in Your Garden

From the experts at Salt Box Nursery As we navigate the pinnacle of summer, our gardens erupt with bold colors, mesmerizing aromas, and the busy rustle of industrious pollinators. The time and care we’ve given our gardens since the onset of spring now materialize as diverse, vibrant landscapes. While July provides an opportunity to savor […]

Perfect Your Garden with Deadheading: Guidance from Salt Box Nursery

Gardening is an intriguing journey, full of joy for both experienced horticulturists and those newly discovering their green thumbs. A foundational gardening method that significantly improves your plants’ health and growth is deadheading, which includes both pruning and pinching spent blossoms. The friendly and experienced staff at Salt Box Nursery are always ready to guide […]

Water-Wise Gardening Tips for June: Conserving Water in Your New England Garden

As the summer sun beams down on our beautiful New England gardens, it’s essential to practice water-wise gardening techniques to conserve this precious resource. At Salt Box Nursery in Bellerica, MA, we understand the importance of sustainability and have compiled a list of practical tips to help you maintain a flourishing garden while minimizing water […]

The Diverse Types of Butterflies in Mass: Creating a Butterfly Haven in Your Garden

Butterflies, with their delicate wings and vibrant colors, bring beauty and enchantment to any garden in New England. These remarkable creatures not only add visual appeal but also play a crucial role in pollination. If you reside in the area, you have the opportunity to attract a diverse array of butterflies to your garden. By […]

Summer Perennials: Top 10 Varieties for New England Gardens

As the summer season approaches, the enchanting beauty of blooming flowers transforms the landscapes of Billerica, MA. At Salt Box Nursery in Billerica, we take pride in offering a remarkable selection of summer flowering perennials that thrive in our local climate and add charm to gardens, borders, and containers. In this article, we present the […]

Demystifying Garden Fertilizers: NPK, Organic Options, and Application Tips

A thriving garden begins with healthy soil, and using the right fertilizer is essential for nourishing your plants, trees, and shrubs. With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to determine which fertilizer is best for your garden. In this blog post, we’ll explore the basics of garden fertilizers, including understanding the […]

Kitchen Gardens 3 Ways

Creating a Versatile Kitchen Garden: Garden Beds, Raised Beds, and Containers. Introduction A kitchen garden is a fantastic way to grow your own fresh, delicious vegetables, herbs, and berries right in your backyard. With various gardening methods available, such as garden beds, raised beds, and containers, you can easily find the perfect approach to suit […]

Pruning and Fertilizing Hydrangea macrophylla for Stunning Blooms

Introduction Hydrangea macrophylla, commonly known as bigleaf hydrangea, is a popular garden staple beloved for its large, showy blooms that grace gardens from late spring through summer. To keep your hydrangeas healthy and thriving, it’s essential to understand when and how to prune them, as well as the optimal times and methods for fertilizing. In […]