Fall Garden Cleanup Checklist for Salt Box Nursery

  1. Leaf Removal:
    • Given the variety of deciduous trees in the vicinity, be prepared for a notable leaf fall. Gather and compost these leaves, ensuring that any from diseased plants are discarded separately.
  2. Perennials:
    • After the chill of the first frost is felt, cut back dead foliage to deter potential pests.
    • Divide and reposition perennials that appear too expansive or less lively.
    • For a streamlined spring gardening experience, use markers to identify the spots of perennials.
  3. Annuals:
    • After their encounter with frost, uproot and compost the remains of healthy annuals.
  4. Lawn Care:
    • Continue with mowing routines until the lawn hints at entering its dormant stage.
    • Employ a fall-centric fertilizer to boost the grassroots.
    • Aerating might be beneficial if areas of the lawn seem compacted.
  5. Trees & Shrubs:
    • Remove any dead or fragile branches, saving the intensive pruning tasks for the latter part of winter.
    • Until the soil hardens from frost, ensure that younger or recently transplanted trees and shrubs are adequately watered.
  6. Bulbs:
    • Autumn is the prime season to embed bulbs destined to bloom in spring.
    • Remove and store bulbs that aren’t winter-resilient post the initial frost.
  7. Vegetable Garden:
    • Before the heavy frosts set in, pluck any lingering vegetables.
    • To prevent potential pests and diseases, clean up plant remnants.
    • This time is ripe for planting garlic, ensuring a bounteous summer yield.
  8. Garden Tools & Equipment:
    • Clean, sharpen, and securely store all gardening tools.
    • Ensure power equipment undergoes end-of-season maintenance to keep them in optimal condition.
  9. Compost:
    • Integrate the season’s shed leaves while stirring and layering your compost pile.
  10. Mulching:
    • Offer protection against inconsistent freeze-thaw cycles by covering perennial beds with insulating mulch, like straw or fragmented leaves, as the colder end of fall approaches.
  11. Garden Structures:
    • Prepping them for the winter onslaught, examine and fortify structures like raised beds, trellises, and fences.
  12. Water Features:
    • Take measures to shield water features from freezing conditions, and turn off and store away water pumps.
  13. Protection:
    • To withstand winter adversities, use protective measures like burlap to shield young or sensitive trees and shrubs.
  14. Planning for Next Year:
    • Recognizing triumphs and pinpointing areas for enhancement, contemplate the year’s gardening journey. Kickstart preparations for the impending spring.

It’s always a good idea to seek advice from the expertise available at Salt Box Nursery when planning seasonal garden tasks.