Green & Healthy Windowsill Herbs

Grow- your-own goodness right at your fingertips!

How are Windowsill Herbs Green & Healthy?

  • Chemical free growth – protects environmental & personal health
  • Fewer bags, tins, bottles  – reduces landfill waste
  • Live plants provide oxygen and help clear air born toxins – promotes environmental & personal health
  • Provide low calorie, vitamin rich seasoning – makes it easy to create healthier meals for a healthier body

How Do I Grow Them?

A sunny windowsill and potted herbs are all you need to get started! Small, potted herb plants can be purchased online, at a local nursery and even in some grocery produce sections.  Unless the plants are root-bound (more roots than soil in the pot) they can stay in the pot they came in. Of course, you can plant them into a more attractive container and gain the health benefit of more pleasant surroundings! Be sure to use a light weight, well-draining potting mix when transplanting to new containers – herbs don’t like wet feet! New or old, be sure to place saucers under the pots.

As for watering, every 7-10 days should be sufficient. When the soil is dry an inch down, water thoroughly. Any excess water remaining in the saucer after a few minutes should be poured off. Herbs are very light users of soil nutrients, so an application of half strength fertilizer every few weeks is enough to help them thrive.

How do I Use them?

Fresh herbs can be used in place of dried for most any recipe. The flavor won’t be as concentrated in fresh herbs as in dried. For recipes with dried herb measurements, use three times more of fresh herbs. Harvest your fresh herbs by simply pinching off leaves on plants such as basil or mint. For herbs with tiny leaves, such as thyme or rosemary, snip off a stem and then run it between your fingers to pop the leaves off. Always leave at least a few inches of stems and foliage on your herb plants when harvesting, so they can continue to grow and share their fresh goodness. If you harvest more than you can use, simply dry the leaves out on a baking sheet in the freezer and then store them in a sealed bag or container in the freezer.